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About Us

We all have professional linguistic education with degrees. In addition many possess degrees in all fields. Together we can




Why is quality so importan



The correct communication of information is one of the key success factors of your company. Your international partners and customers should be provided with the opportunity to read documents in their native language, and texts should be appropriate for the culture and locality where they are reviewed. Since we have been working in the field of translations for quite some time, we are able to work efficiently and are goal oriented. After a customer commissions a translation job, our project manager reviews the commission and ascertains the particular needs of the customer in regards to the translation needed. Then a glossary is drafted, and a decision is made on the translator most fitted to do the translation given the nature of the text, and, if needed, a proofreader. Translation theory requires that the target language be a native language for both the translator and the proofreader. This ensures the accuracy of the translation, fluency, and the communication of even the slightest nuances of meaning. Of course, a good result also depends on the individual experience of each translator and their skills and personal qualities, such as diligence, credibility, drive for self-improvement and best performance. It is also equally important that all texts be translated using the latest software, for example, TRADOS, SDLX, ACROSS, Transit, Wordfast, and Alchemy, which enables a uniformity of style and eliminates the possibility of term variations. We have accumulated a significant amount of experience in the translation of technical, legal, marketing, and medical documents. This includes user manuals, software descriptions, and websites. Our vast data base will allow you to cut down the costs of your translation needs, save time, and obtain high quality translations to support the development of your business and maintain its good reputation. Every translation project, whether big or small, is equal in importance to us and follows these process steps: Process: Client request Initial contact/confidentiality agreement Project manager assignment > Document review/analysis The Project manager prepares the project files himself (summarizes instructions, decides on details, identifies possible problems), and with help of engineers technically prepares the files. Project manager > Project management Possible online consultation with the CLIENT and with other specialists in the industry. Translation Revision / proofreading The translation is proofread by other native proofreaders and corrected The translation is sent back to the translators for finalizing. Project delivery After the Project manager is 100% sure that all issues have been addressed, the project is returned to the client.